ultra-high thermoelectric performance in graphene


2018/11/1A thermoelectric material consisting of Cu 2 Se incorporated with up to 0.45 wt% of graphene nanoplates is reported. The carbon-reinforced Cu 2 Se exhibits an ultra-high thermoelectric figure-of-merit of zT = 2.44 0.25 at 870 K. Microstructural characterization reveals dense, nanostructured grains of Cu 2 Se with multilayer-graphene and graphite agglomerations located at

Computing Graphene

These indirect interactions could be used to boost the electrical and thermoelectric performance of a device if they can be controlled, and as such represent an interesting find. In addition, the electrical conductance between the two sandwiching graphene electrodes did not follow Ohm's law and was a result of the conductance being twice as large as the conductance of a single C 60 molecule.


This article reviews the recent progress towards achieving carbon-based thermoelectric materials. A wide range of experimental and computational studies on carbon allotropes and composites is covered in this review paper. Specifically, we discuss the strategies for engineering graphene, graphene nanoribbon, graphene nanomesh, graphene nanowiggle, carbon nanotube (CNT), fullerene,


This event focuses on the commercialisation of the technology, covering broadly organic, inorganic, thin film and flexible nanotechnologies. We have some of the world's largest end user companies presenting on their needs and experience with printed electronics, and many are in attendance to learn how they can use these new technologies in their products.

Making graphene work for real

April 24, 2014 Graphene, a one-atom-thick form of the carbon material graphite, has been hailed as a wonder material--strong, light, nearly transparent and an excellent conductor of electricity and heat--and it very well may be. But a number of practical challenges


article{osti_1510421, title = {Ultra-high performance wearable thermoelectric coolers with less materials}, author = {Kishore, Ravi Anant and Nozariasbmarz, Amin and Poudel, Bed and Sanghadasa, Mohan and Priya, Shashank}, abstractNote = {Thermoelectric coolers are attracting significant attention for replacing age-old cooling and refrigeration devices.

Trajectory of graphene based aerospace applications

Graphene has received significant attention from academia and industry due to the potential promising prospect that re-sides in composite applications. The ultra-high aspect ratio, high stiffness and possibility for surface modification makes graphene a useful tool4

High Thermoelectric Performance of Ag9GaSe6 Enabled

This opens new possibilities for high-performance thermoelectrics, illustrated by the high thermoelectric figure of merit (zT = 1.5) in this material. High Thermoelectric Performance of Ag9GaSe6 Enabled by Low Cutoff Frequency of Acoustic Phonons: Joule

Optimizing the thermoelectric performance of

2017/5/24Interestingly, it has been shown that graphene is one of the most versatile materials in terms of thermoelectric properties that can be tuned from low to very high performance by nanostructuring 6. First, graphene nano-ribbons (GNRs) can have higher ZT compared to 2D sheets due to a bandgap opening induced by finite size effects, which results in larger Seebeck coefficients.

Experimental Studies of Graphene Antidot Lattices for

Pristine graphene has low thermoelectric performance due to its ultra-high thermal conductivity and zero band gap that leads to a low Seebeck coefficient (S) . Both issues can be addressed by patterning periodic nano- or sub-1-nm pores (antidots) across graphene, called graphene antidot lattices (GALs). In GALs, a geometry-dependent band gap can be opened up to dramatically increase S, with

Thermoelectrics: Ultra‐High Thermoelectric Performance in

Thermoelectrics: Ultra‐High Thermoelectric Performance in Bulk BiSbTe/Amorphous Boron Composites with Nano‐Defect Architectures (Adv. Energy Mater. 41/2020) Advanced Energy Materials ( IF 25.245) Pub Date : 2020-11-03, DOI: 10.1002/aenm.202070171

[1905.12992] Designing graphene/hexagonal boron

2019/5/30We design a hybrid graphene/hexagonal boron nitride superlattice monolayer and investigate its thermoelectric properties using density functional theory and Boltzmann transport equations with the relaxation time accurately treated by electron-phonon coupling calculations. Compared with that of pristine graphene, the lattice thermal conductivity of the superlattice structure is more than

Enhancing the impact property of ultra

His main research interests include high performance cement and concrete materials, smart cementitious composites and structures, nanotechnology. He has published 1 book (Springer) and 9 papers in reputable journals such as Composite A, Construction and Building Materials, Smart Materials and Structures, Journal of Materials Science and Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering.

Metal/graphene contact as a performance Killer of ultra

Metal/graphene contact as a performance Killer of ultra-high mobility graphene analysis of intrinsic mobility and contact resistance Abstract: Graphene with a high carrier mobility of more than 10,000 cm 2 /Vs on SiO 2 has attracted much attention as a promising candidate of future high

Graphene enables ultra high performance infrared

The unique properties of graphene, coupled with a novel device concept enabled the researchers to achieve ultra high performance - a TCR as high as 900%/K. The researchers hope that this device could in the future be used in astronomy, medicine imaging,

High thermoelectricpower factor in graphene/hBN

Fig. 1. Thermoelectric measurement of graphene at room temperature. (A) Optical micrograph of the graphene on hBN (G/hBN) device.(B) Measured Seebeck coefficient in G/hBN and G/SiO 2 devices as a function of back gate at 290 K. (Inset) Measured resistance vs. V g in both devices at 290 K. (C) Measured PFT in both samples as a function of back gate at 290 K. (D) Simulation of carrier density

Power/Performance Bits: April 5

2021/4/5Graphene photodetectors have the ability to absorb light from ultraviolet to the far-infrared for ultra-broadband communications. Thanks to the ultra-high mobility of carriers in graphene devices, the team said data transmission could exceed 100 gigabits per second.

A performance leap for graphene modulators in next

2021/2/16Citation: A performance leap for graphene modulators in next generation datacom and telecom (2021, February 16) retrieved 2 May 2021 from https://techxplore This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission.

Boeing: Ultra

Some traditional TE materials, such as bismuth, have unusually high thermopower values and a large, leading to exceptionally large Z values and high efficiency. However, although it is almost counter-intuitive, bulk TE crystals are not good candidates as TE photoresponse detectors because the same properties that create high Z values cause the material to have high thermal conductivity.

High thermoelectric performance in graphene nanoribbons by

High thermoelectric performance in graphene nanoribbons by graphene/BN interface engineering Van-Truong Tran, Jrme Saint-Martin and Philippe Dollfus IEF, Universit Paris-sud, CNRS, UMR 8622, Bt 220, F-91405 Orsay, France E-mail: van-truong.tranu

Improving the thermoelectric properties of graphene

In addition, the thermoelectric properties of graphene have also been extensively studied. However, previous research results are not ideal because of the ultra-high thermal conductance of graphene [10, 11]. A number of methods have been proposed to reduce].

High thermoelectricpower factor in graphene/hBN

Fig. 1. Thermoelectric measurement of graphene at room temperature. (A) Optical micrograph of the graphene on hBN (G/hBN) device.(B) Measured Seebeck coefficient in G/hBN and G/SiO 2 devices as a function of back gate at 290 K. (Inset) Measured resistance vs. V g in both devices at 290 K. (C) Measured PFT in both samples as a function of back gate at 290 K. (D) Simulation of carrier density

Ultralow Thermal Conductivity and High Thermoelectric

In this paper, we report a series of x polycrystalline AgCuTe1–xSe samples with high thermoelectric performance. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy data suggest the observation of Ag+, Cu+, Te2–, and Se2– states of Ag, Cu, Te, and Se. Meanwhile, the carrier concentration of the obtained p-type samples changes from 9.12 1018 to 0.86 1018 cm–3 as their carrier mobility varies from


Nanomaterials have been increasingly employed for improving the mechanical properties and durability of ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC) with high volume supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs). Recently, graphene oxide (GO) nanosheets have appeared as one of the most promising nanomaterials for enhancing the properties of cementitious composites. To date, a majority of studies

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