fabricating fe-base alloys containing rapidly solidified


In rapidly solidified FeWCl-3, that is alloys containing up to 13wt% tungsten (see Table 1), the typical as-quenched microstructure was lath martensite, as seen in Fig 1. The dimensions of the martensite laths in the three alloys varied only slightly and were of

Characterisation of two Al–Fe based high temperature alloy

1992/8/8Aluminium alloys containing additions of iron and cerium are among the alloys being developed as potential replacements for titanium based alloys for moderately high temperature applications. Devel Journal Materials Science and Technology Volume 8, 1992 - Issue 8

Deformation and Fracture Behavior of Rapidly

Alloys with silicon content ranging from 4.5 to 6.5 wt pct were prepared from electrolytic iron 99.98 pct and high-purity silicon 99.999 pct by induction melting. Rapidly solidified ribbons were processed using a computer-controlled melt spinning apparatus


B. Vehovszky, . Czirki: Investigation of surface and bulk processes in Mg-based alloys during hydrogen absorption Materials Engineering - Materilov inžinierstvo 19 (2012) 136-148 139 a) b) Fig. 3. Mg 87 Ni 13 melt spun ribbon surface without (a) and with

Metals and Alloys, Slides

The blade is made out of a nickel-base superalloy with a microstructure containing about 65% of gamma-prime precipitates in a polycrystalline gamma matrix. It has been directionally-solidified, resulting in a columnar grain structure which mitigates grain-boundary induced creep.

The Effect of Cr Content on the Glass Forming Ability of Fe Cr Nb B (x =8,10,12) Alloys

steel alloys by glassy alloys in various applications. Despite the fact that Cr reduces the GFA of the alloy, it has been reported in the literature that a Fe-based BMG can be obtained containing up to 15 at.% Cr and 16 at.% Cr 4,5,6,7,8 and the corrosiondue to

High Strength Al–V–M (M=Fe, Co or Ni) Alloys Containing

A new nonequilibrium structure consisting of nanoscale amorphous particles surrounded by fcc-Al phase was found to form in the Al 94 V 4 M 2 (M=Fe or Co) and Al 93 V 5 Ni 2 alloys rapidly solidified at the circumferential velocity of 40 m/s. The deviation of the

Quasicrystalline phase formation in the conventionally solidified Al–Cu–Fe

Al–Cu–Fe alloys, the samples were annealed for 4 h at 700 C and then cooled rapidly to freeze the microstructure for subsequent XRD and SEM analysis. Figure 3 shows the XRD patterns for conventionally solidified Al–Cu–Fe alloys after annealing for 4 h at 70

Effect of Al addition to Rapidly Solidified Mg

Rapidly solidified Mg based alloys are of interest for industrial applications as a structural material and for hydrogen storage. Mg-Cu-Rare Earth alloys have shown high glass forming ability; full amorphous structure with thickness of mm size can be obtained within these systems.

Characterization of rapidly solidified Type 304 stainless

Alloys were of 70 wt pct Fe, with cr varying from 15 to 19.7 wt pct, balance was Ni. Undercoolings were up to about 300 K. Alloys of Cr content less than that of the eutectic (18.1 wt pct) have face-centered cubic (fcc) (austenite) as their equilibrium primary phase, and alloys of higher Cr content have body-centered cubic (bcc) (ferrite) as their equilibrium primary phase.


In rapidly solidified FeWCl-3, that is alloys containing up to 13wt% tungsten (see Table 1), the typical as-quenched microstructure was lath martensite, as seen in Fig 1. The dimensions of the martensite laths in the three alloys varied only slightly and were of

New rapidly solidified aluminium alloys for elevated temperature

containing alloys are not adapted at all, while they may be of interest for temperatures up to 250 C. Al- Fe-Mo alloys, although they have a much better behaviour, present, as they are currently without any optimisation, too short creep rupture lives to

Prediction of Solidification Paths in Al

In order to analyze the solidification path as a function of Fe content, two representative hypoeutectic Al-Si alloys with different Fe levels were designed. To better understand the influence of cooling rate on the formation behavior of the β phase, the two alloys were solidified under slowly- and rapidly-cooled conditions, respectively.

Rapidly solidified structure of alloys with up to eight equal

Rapidly solidified structure of alloys with up to eight equal-molar elements — a simulation by molecular dynamics Su-Wen Kao 1,Jien-WeiYehand Tsung-Shune Chin,2,3 1 Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Tsing Hua University

Solidification microstructure and dynamics of metastable phase transformation in undercooled liquid Cu-Fe alloys. Acta Materialia, 2006, 54: 1749-1757. 25) J.Z. Zhao, L.L. Gao, J. He. Effect of Brownian coagulation on the microstructure evolution in rapidly solidified immiscible alloys.

Advanced Materials and Processing (PRICM4)

Thermal Stabilities and Electrochemical Cyclic Life Properties of Rapidly Solidified Mg-Ni-Based Amorphous Alloys S. Yamaura, H.-Y. Kim, H. Kimura and A. Inoue 143 The Structure and Martensitic Transformation of Nano-Sized Particles in Fe-Ni Films

Effect of Solidification Process Parameters on the

The influence of solidification parameters on the morphology of a number of meltspun Nickelbased hard alloys has been investigated by means of scanning electron microscopy (SEM), conventional transmission electron microscopy and energy dispersive X-ray

Rapidly solidified aluminum

Engineering alloys containing substantially higher quantities of transition elements are able to be produced by rapid solidification with Annealing Condition and Mechanical Properties of the Brazed Joint Using Rapidly Solidified AA 8009 Al--Fe--V--Si As Base

Rapidly solidified powder aluminum alloys (Conference)

Al-based alloys, the properties of Al alloys with 8-12 wt pct Fe and Al-Li-Be alloys, and a microstructural study of rapidly solidified Ti alloys containing Er and B. Consideration is given to rapidly solidified Ti-W alloys with Ni and Si additions

Microstructure and mechanical properties of rapidly

1996/1/1The effects of Ti and V additions on microstructure and mechanical properties of rapidly solidified Al-20w/oSi-5w/oFe alloy were investigated, respectively. The hypereutectic Al-Si-Fe base alloys were gas-atomized and hot-extruded to make the consolidated bars.

Rapid quenching effect on the microstructure of Al

The authors present results of a study on microstructure, phase composition, component distribution of alloy Al – 12.2 at.% Si – 0.2 at. % Fe doped by Zn, obtained at cooling rates of 102 and 105 K / s. At both cooling rates the alloys are characterized by the


(c) At Fe(4) and (d) At Fe(5). Several review papers summarize m x the information available on the At-Fe rapidly solidified al-(6,7,8} loys . The various phases occur in At-Fe alloys as a function of the cooling rate and can be put in the following order ofX2 At Fe,

KAKEN — Research Projects

Recently, aluminum-based light alloys with high strength have attracted great interest because of the increase in the importance of energy and environmental problems. It is well known that ordinary aluminum-based alloys have been developed by the use of the following strengthening mechanisms ; i.e., solid solution, precipitation, grain size refinement, dispersion, work hardening and fiber

Degradation of azo dyes by rapidly solidified metallic particles

Degradation of azo dyes by rapidly solidified metallic particles W. ben Mbarek 1, E. Pineda 2, M. Khitouni 1, N. Fiol 3, L. Escoda 3 generated during rapid solidification tend to increase the chemical activity of the alloys. Recently, it has been discovered that

A bridge from monotectic alloys to liquid-phase-separated bulk metallic glasses: design, microstructure and phase evolution, Acta Materialia, 61, 2102-2112, 2013 J. He, J.Z. Zhao, L.Ratke. Solidification microstructure and dynamics of metastable phase transformation in undercooled liquid Cu-Fe alloys, Acta Materialia, 54, 1749-1757, 2006.

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