an investigation on tribological and electrical behaviour of

Study of Electrical, Mechanical, and Tribological

2014/7/16The influences of chemical composition and deposition power on the electrical, mechanical, and tribological properties of sputtered chromium nitride (Cr-N) thin films that can be used for development of cryogenic temperature sensor are investigated. Cr-N thin films were deposited by DC reactive magnetron sputtering technique under various nitrogen gas flows (5-20 sccm) and deposition

Experimental investigation on tribological properties of

2019/12/13A comparative investigation on the tribological behavior of UHMWPE composites with the addition of BF at different test conditions was carried out in this work. The frictional and lubricate properties of BF/UHMWPE composites were investigated through friction and wear tests, and the friction coefficient, wear loss, and worn surface were analyzed in detail.

An Investigation on the Tribological Performances of the

2016/7/15An Investigation on the Tribological Performances of the SiO 2 /MoS 2 Hybrid Nanofluids for Magnesium Alloy-Steel Contacts Hongmei Xie 1,2, Bin Jiang 1,3, Bo Liu 4, Qinghang Wang 1, Junyao Xu 1 Fusheng Pan 1,3 Nanoscale Research Letters volume 11

Tribological Investigation of Nanographite Platelets as

2014/5/7An Investigation of the Tribological Behaviour of Surface-Modified ZnS Nanoparticles in Liquid Paraffin," Wear, 238 (2 International Conference on Mechanical and Electrical Technology, 3rd, (ICMET-China 2011), Volumes 1–3 Materials Design and Application

Investigation of Tribological behavior of PEEK and PEEK

Investigation of Tribological behavior of PEEK and PEEK Composites at Elevated Temperature S.B.BhoyarȦ*, R.L.Kadu Ȧ, P.M. KarandikarȦ and R.R.KhardeȦ ADepartment of Mechanical Engineering,Pravara Rural Engineering College,Loni,413736, India Vol.4

An Investigation on the Mechanical and Tribological

In this work an investigation was carried out to understand the mechanical and tribological properties of Aluminium matrix composites. Varying weight percentage (1-5%) of tungsten carbide particulates were added to aluminium A356 alloy using stir casting technique.

Influence of electrical discharge machining on

K. Bonny et al., "Influence of electrical discharge machining on tribological behavior of ZrO2-TiN composites," WEAR, vol. 265, no. 11–12, pp. 1884–1892, 2008. article{484533, abstract = {ZrO2-based composites containing electro-conductive secondary phases have successfully proven their feasibility for electrical discharge machining (EDM) in demineralised water.

Comparative Study on Tribological Behavior of

Introduced to polyimide showed great achievements whereby mechanical, electrical, and tribological properties of polyimide significantly increased under various conditions. Different more nanofiller also coupled with carbon fibers to enhance the tribological properties of

Investigation of the Tribological Behavior of Mineral Lubricant

Investigation of the Tribological Behavior of Mineral Lubricant Using Copper Oxide Nano Additives Ahmed A. Abdel-Rehim *, Sayed Akl and Sherif Elsoudy Mechanical Engineering Department, The British University in Egypt, Cairo 11873, Egypt; Sayed.Akl*

A Review on Tribological Behavior of Lubricating Oil with the

Mechanical and tribological properties of Carbonous materials, such as graphite, carbon nanotubes (CNT's), and graphene possess unique electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties.This review focused on the recent development in mechanical and

The investigation of tribological behavior of carbon

2018/12/17The tribological behavior of composites varies on matrices materials, the reinforcement material and the direction of reinforcement materials. The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of fiber orientation on the tribological properties of carbon fiber–reinforced epoxy composite.,The experiments were carried out with a pin-on-ring tribometer.

Investigation about tribological behavior of ABS and PC

Tribological performance has been evaluated by ball on disk tests, taking into consideration different travelled distances in order to evaluate also the coating wear strength. Results show that graphene coat may reduce coefficient of friction of the tested materials

Influence of Copper/Graphite Properties on the

2018/12/1The understanding of rail braking is irrevocably dependent on the tribological analysis of contacts such as the wheel/rail contact or the wheel/brake disc contact. Because it is very complex to experimentally analyze the inside of a contact, a numerical approach based on discrete element modeling was used to model a third body composed of copper and graphite, the main elements present in

Synthesis and Investigation of Micro

Synthesis and Investigation of Micro-Tribological Behavior of WS 2 Nanotube Article Preview Abstract: MS2(M=Mo, W, S=S, Se) are often used as solid lubricants in high/low temperature, high load, vacuum, in which oil lubrication is failed. Although WS2 is

Studies on Spectral, Thermal, Morphological and Tribological Behaviour of

Tribological Behaviour of Bentonite/Montmorillonite Based Polyester Nanocomposites G.Elango1 and S. Guhanathan*2 Based on the careful analysis of literature, the present investigation aimed to compare the tribological behavior of bentonite or MMT a.

Investigation of the effects of skewness Rsk and kurtosis

Roughness is an important characteristic in tribological studies, where the parameters of skewness and kurtosis have greater influence than the conventional parameters R a and R q. This study is aimed to investigate the influence of the parameters of skewness R sk and R ku kurtosis on the surface of the USI AR 360 steel machining by the milling and turning processes in the pin-on-disc sliding

Investigation on growth process and tribological

In this paper, we investigated the frictional behaviors of the mixed self-assembled molecular films of the fluoroalkylsilane (FAS) molecules and non-fluoroalkylsilane (n-FAS) molecules with different chain length covalently absorbed on silicon surfaces, characterized by the universal ball-disk UMT-2 experimental tester under aqueous solution conditions. The surfaces of the substrate modified

Investigation on mechanical and tribological behavior of

2012/4/3The mechanical properties of coconut sheath (N) and glass fiber (G) reinforced polyester composites were studied, and the tribological behaviors were tested on pin‐on‐disc sliding wear tester. Mass loss was determined as a function of sliding distance for a sliding velocity of 3.5 m/s and an applied normal load of 40 N.




of tribological pairs were shown. Key words:, electrical triboprocess phenomena in friction, wear of friction pair, thermal electromotive force, frictional electricity. 1. INTRODUCTION One of the most important problems in modern tribology is a research of

"A Review on the study of mechanical properties and tribological

This paper presents a review on the mechanical properties and tribological behaviour of Al7079 reinforced with Silicon carbide and Graphite. And also to study the strength and heat treatment properties. 1. Introduction Alluminium Alloys Metals such as

J International Journal of Advancements Badr, nt Adv echnol 2017

the present investigation is carried out to determine the effect of varying Effect of Si Addition on Microstructure and Tribological Properties of Al-0.1Mg-0.35Ni-(4, 6, 8, 10) wt %Si Alloy Riyadh A Badr* School of Engineering, University of Samarra, Samarrah, Salah

Experimental Investigation on Tribological Behavior of

2019/3/27Experimental Investigation on Tribological Behavior of Bio Based Lubricant as Metal Working Fluid in Machining Process S.A Vasudevan 1, V. Saravanan 2 and D. Anandakumar 3 1,2,3 Department of Mechanical Engineering, EASA College of Engineering and

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